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First Airplane Hit By Gunfire

Since commencing it war against the Ottoman empire in Libya, Italy has been using airplanes in its war effort.


In August 1910 aviator Glenn Curtiss flew 27 year-old US Army marksman 2nd Lt. Jacob E Fickel from a racetrack at Sheepshead Bay, New York and while holding onto a wing strut with one arm, Lt. Fickel fired a .30 caliber Springfield infantry rifle with his other arm at a target 100 feet below. This is the first time a gun is fired from an airplane.

On October 26, 1911 Captain Ricardo Moizo flying a Nieuport became the first pilot to have his plane hit by a gun with three bullet holes in the wing while flying in combat over an encampment of 6,000 men. This is the first time an airplane has received gunfire during war.

Captain Ricardo Moizo


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