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1912 Summer Olympics Begin In Sweden

1912 Summer Olympics Begin In Sweden

The first attempt to emulate the ancient Olympic Games was the L’Olympiade de la République, a national Olympic festival held annually from 1796 to 1798 in Revolutionary France. This marked the introduction of the metric system into sport. In 1850 Dr William Penny Brookes started games at Much Wenlock, Shropshire, England in 1850. By 1860 these had become the Wenlock Olympian Games. In 1959 sponsored the first Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, which was held in an Athens city square. By 1870 30,000 attended the Greece Games at Panathinaiko Stadium.

Pierre de Fredy, Baron de Coubertin is a French educator and historian who wanted to establish an internationally rotating Olympic Games that would occur every four years. He help found the International Olympic Committee in 1890. It was decided that the first Olympic Games to come under the auspices of the IOC would take place in Athens in 1896.

On May 5, 1912 the Opening Ceremonies of the Games of the V Olympiad or the 1912 Summer Olympics started in Stockholm, Sweden. 28 nations and 2,408 competitors, including 48 women, competed in 102 events in 14 sports. It will be the first time an Asian nation, Japan, will participate. The decathlon and pentathlon will be featured for the first time as well as women’s diving and women’s swimming. Electronic timing will be introduced as well as art competitions. It will be the last Olympics to issue solid gold medals.

English version of the poster for the 1912 Summer Olympics


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