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RMS TITANIC Recovery Ship Returns To Canada

10 days ago the cable ship Minia joined the Mackay-Bennett in a search for bodies of victims from the RMS TITANIC. The Mackay Bennett returned to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on April 30th.


The Minia arrived at the wreck site April 26th. The weather was almost continuously bad and the work of recovery difficult. Once the bodies hit the Gulf Stream, its warmer waters will cause decomposition to rapidly take place.

On May 6, 1912 the Minia sailed back into Halifax with 17 more bodies. The bodies were found miles apart and all had life jackets on. There was no one place to search and the Minia covered a wide area. “Wreckage was a poor guide to the ship – where there was wreckage there were no bodies and vice versa.” None of the bodies had water in the lungs showing death to have been due to exposure. The bodies have been taken to the makeshift morgue where the recovered victims from the Mackay-Bennettt were brought.

The body of a RMS TITANIC victim aboard the Minia is being readied for a makeshift coffin. The body is in the process of being embalmed. Equipment is near the body – bottles and tubes held by the embalmer.

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