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US Sends Troops To Cuba

A race war continues on the island of Cuba.



White Cubans are fighting against the followers of Evaristo Estenoz and his Partido de los Independientes de Color. White Cuban militias or “rurales” backed by the government seize, detain and murder Afro Cubans at will. Unrest has spread throughout the island nation.

On May 23, 1912 the White House has announced through American minister Beaupre that 700 troops will sent on the gunships Pauducah and Nashville to Guantanamo to protect American interests in Havana, Pinar del Rio and Mantanzas provinces.

“We regard the actions of the American government with the utmost satisfaction as a practical expression of friendship. We do not regard it for a moment as a foreshadowing of intervention but as an offer of assistance should the necessity arise which I feel confident will; not be the case.”
~~ Cuban Secretary of the Interior Laredo Bru

Police near Cienfuegos shot to death 8 “peaceful negroes.” The death toll among Afro-Cubans is quickly climbing into the hundreds.


Cartoon from Cuban newspaper – May 1912


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