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US Senate Sub-Committee Investigating RMS TITANIC Disaster Concludes

Even before the survivors of the RMS TITANIC reached shore, the US Senate called for a sub-committee to investigate the sinking after it seemed the White Star Line wanted to get it’s surviving employees back to England as soon as possible.


The investigation was moved to a hotel in New York City and began in earnest.


The hearings were moved to Washington DC. Over the past 4 weeks a total of 86 witnesses testified about ice warnings that were ignored, the inadequate number of lifeboats, the ship’s speed, the failure of nearby ships to respond to the Titanic’s distress calls, and the treatment of passengers of different classes. Over a thousand pages of testimony have been taken.

On May 28, 1912 Senator Smith presented the findings of the sub-committee to the Senate with recommendations that medals be awarded to the Captain and crew of the RMS CARPATHIA for their bravery, condemned the Captain of the CALIFORNIAN who could have saved everyone on the RMS TITANIC and proposed bills that would improve safety practices on ships and in ship construction.

Senator Smith’s speech to the US Senate – May 28, 1912 :http://www.titanicinquiry.org/USInq/USReport/AmInqRepSmith02.php

The United States Senate Inquiry Report – May 28, 1912 :http://www.titanicinquiry.org/USInq/USReport/AmInqRep01.php

Senator William Alden Smith of Michigan


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