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German Warships Greeted By President Taft in Virginia

3 German warships, the SMS Bremen, SMS Stettin and SMS Moltke arrived at Hampton Roads Naval Docks in Virginia as part of a worldwide visit. While 1,000 German sailor stood at attention Admiral Hubert von Reuber-Paschwitz greeted President William Howard Taft as he boarded the SMS Molke.

SMS Moltke at Hampton Roads, Virginia – June 3, 1912

“Admiral, I am glad to welcome you and have an opportunity of visiting the Moltke, one of the finest ships I have even seen.”

Taft was given a personal tour of the battlecruiser by the admiral.
as the ships band played “The Star Spangled Banner” and the ship’s 6 pound gun fired off a 21 gun salute. Later that evening the German admiral and ship’s officers were feted at a formal dinner aboard the US dreadnought Florida with US officers and diplomats attending.

President Taft escorted by Admiral Hubert von Reuber-Paschwitz during the Presidential inspection of SMS Moltke – June 3, 1912


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