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Family Killer Strikes Again In Kansas

The fall of 1911 had seen a spectacular series of gruesome murders in the Midwest. With chilling regularity families were slaughtered in their beds without apparent reason. In September1911 2 families who lived next to each other in Colorado Springs, Colorado were killed with an axe as they slept. 2 weeks later in Monmouth, Illinois, William Dawson, his wife, and 13 year-old daughter were also killed. In all the cases, the shades had drawn and bodies covered.

In October 1911 another mass killing took place in Ellesworth, Kansas :


On June 5, 1912 another murder took place in Paola, Kansas. Rolland and Anna Hudson, a young couple were found murdered in their beds. No weapon have been found. As before the victims had been covered and no obvious motive was apparent.

The Paola, Kansas murder house – June 1912

Photo courtesy of The 1912 Villisca Axe Murders Blog – America’s Greatest Unsolved Mystery Revealed


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