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Volcano Erupts in Alaska

Mount Katmai is a volcano in southern Alaska that was 7,500 ft tall. Local villagers reported in 1898 that one of the volcanoes in the general area “smoked” occasionally.

On June 6, 1912 a vent 6 miles to the west of Mount Katmai started erupting. The explosion was heard as far away as Fairbanks, Juneau and Dawson City, hundreds of miles away. Ash spewed as high as 20 miles and the adjacent valleys were buried in up to 500 feet of ash. Static from the charged particles blown from the volcano made the wireless radio useless at the naval station in Kodiak. A fire, possibly caused by volcanic lightning, later destroyed the station. Light ash has begun falling 4 feet thick 100 miles away on the village of Kodiak containing about 400 people. By night, the ash cloud became thicker and thicker until it looked like night. Mount Katmai looks as if it is collapsing on itself. This may be one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history.

Ash-covered house in Kodiak, Alaska – 100 miles from Mount Katmai
June 1912

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