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Postmarked June 7, 1912

Postmarked June 7, 1912

Legend has it that the original Cliff House, facing the ocean at San Francisco’s northwestern corner at Seal Rock near the Golden Gate entrance to San Francisco Bay, was built from a lumber ship that crashed on the rocks below salvaged by the man who started the Gold Rush, Sam Brannan. In reality, in 1863 a rich real estate tycoon got investors (including a state senator) to build the Point Lobos Toll road (now Geary Blvd.) out to ocean and at its end they built Cliff House, “a new and elegant hotel”. One could rent a rig and ride out to watch the ocean and listen to the sea lions barking below while eating fine food in an elegant setting. Cliff House became a major 19th century San Francisco destination and established a reputation that saw the visit of two presidents and many important dignitaries as guests. As soon as motorize tour vehicles came into being, excursions by tour bus out to the Cliff House were offered.

Here is a souvenir postcard postmarked June 7, 1912.

Miss Ellen Reinholdt
1464 16th Street
West Oakland, Calif.

Please excuse postcard

My Dear Ellen, 6/7/12

Received your postcard am answering wright away as you asked me to, I will be at your place at 3 O’clock without fail Sat.

As ever Margie With love (forget me not)

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