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Runner Breaks World Record In Olympic Trials

Runner Breaks World Record In Olympic Trials

Abel Richard Kiviat was born in Manhattan, New York City in 1892. According to his 1910 trading card :

“He attracted attention as a runner when attending high school and became so fast that he linked his fortunes to the Irish American Athletic Club in New York and went into training in 1908. The following month at Travers Island, he won the Junior Championship for one mile for the Metropolitan District, making the fast time of 4:24. In the same year he won the Baxter Cup in the Columbia University races at Madison Square Garden, making the fast time of 4:23 2–5. He broke the world’s record in the 2,400 yard relay race, his time for his 600 yards being 1:16, and 5:4 for the entire distance. He also won the Canadian mile championship in 1909 and again in 1910.”

1910 Mecca Cigarettes Champion Athlete Series trading card

On June 8, 1912 Abel Kiviat was at the US Olympic Trials in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he broke the world record for running the 1,500 meter race with a time of 3:55.8.

Abel Kiviat

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