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Head On Train Collision In Indiana

In the mid-1800s railroads were expanding from the east coast. The Baltimore & Ohio came as far as Cincinnati, Ohio but no lines went any further. It was decided to extend a line all the way to Chicago through Lawrence County, stopping at White River in April 1851. The first train came through the county a month later. A town was planned in Indiana where 2 railroad line crossed. Ormsby McKnight Mitchel platted the town as he was completing his survey of the proposed railroad routes. In exchange for his service the town would be named after him. An additional “L” was added to the name. In 1907, Mitchell moved from an incorporated town to a city.

On June 10, 1912 a head on wreck occurred at Sand Pit near Mitchell when passenger trains #5 and #8 collided. 1 mail clerk was killed and 50 were injured.

Derrick lifting steam locomotive at Sand Pit, Indiana – June 10, 1912

Steam Locomotive #71 with tender pushed into express car.
June 10, 1912


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