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Sport and Aviation Pioneer Crashes In France

Albert Kimmerling was born near Lyon France in 1888. While traveling in Canada as a young man, he observed ice hockey and brought it over to Europe. By 1907 ice hockey was being played all over western Europe.

Kimmerling was also a pioneer aviator. He started out by racing with cars but in Auguat 1908 the Wright Brothers came to France and gave one of their first publicized exhibitions of their airplane in Le Mans. The French public went crazy over the event and the Wright Brothers finally received the acclaim that had eluded them for 5 years. Kimmerling was immediately drawn to flight and left hockey behind. He was one of France’s early aviator pioneers becoming the first man to fly on the whole continent of Africa and the entire southern hemisphere. In October 1910 he obtained his pilot license, No. 291 in the world at that time.

On June 10, 1912 in Reims, France Albert Kimmerling was test flying a new airplane. According to eyewitnesses the plane was very unstable as soon as it took off, shaking violently. Kimmerling suddenly plummeted and crashed to the ground after a wing had detached from the plane. Kimmerling was killed instantly.

Postcard showing Albert Kimmerling – pioneer aviator

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