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Historic Hotel Flooded in Wyoming

Buffalo, Wyoming was started as a civilian town near Fort McKinney at the military crossing of the Bozeman Trail across Clear Creek 3 miles west of town. Charles Buell began the area’s first bank in addition to the Occidental Hotel. The original Occidental was a log structure with the interior walls made of muslin through which one could hear the mice playing at night. The muslin dining room walls were painted bright blue. In 1902 The Virginian written by Owen Wister is a novel describing the life of the foreman of the Shiloh Ranch in Wyoming. It is the first true western written, aside from dime novels. The climax of the plot occurs in the Occidental Hotel in Buffalo.

The original Occidental Hotel (left) in 1895 as it would have been in The Virginian

On June 11, 1912 flooding occurred which damaged The Occidental in Buffalo, Wyoming.

The aftermath of the flood of June 11, 1912 on the Occidental Hotel
Buffalo, Wyoming

Buffalo, Wyoming historic photos : http://www.wyomingtalesandtrails.com/buffalo.html

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