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Beach Hotel Burns In California

In the late 19th century, seaside resort towns developed in New England catering to rich city dwellers who wanted a place to get away. By 1890 this trend extended to the South and West coastswith real estate speculators in Florida and California. These resorts usually had large fine hotels, extensive amusement parks and other attractions for tourists. In California San Diego had the Hotel Coronado, Monterrey had the Hotel Del Monte and Santa Cruz had the Sea Beach Hotel. Sitting atop Beach Hill, the Sea Beach Hotel offered tourists to Santa Cruz a restful vacation with a flower garden, the Santa Cruz casino and the beach right nearby.

The Sea Beach Hotel, Santa Cruz

On June 12, 1912 the Sea Beach Hotel in Santa Cruz, California caught fire and was completely destroyed. Hundreds of locals and tourists came out to watch the conflagration of the grand hotel.

Postcard makers, never at a loss to cash in on any event or disaster, took the old image and made this new card showing the burning Sea Beach Hotel
June 12, 1912

The Sea Beach Hotel burning in Santa Cruz, California
June 12, 1912



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