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Train Derails In Georgia

Railroads must be constantly maintained and the rails continually inspected. Rails can break at the joints where the are joined together. There may be manufacturer defects in the metal of a rail that crack or break. Wheelburn is where the wheel slips and spins in place, heating the rail until red hot then moves forward and the rails cools quickly and cracks. Wheelflat is where the wheel stops and is dragged, flattening it in one spot. Once the wheel starts turning again the flat spot starts hammering the rail and can break it. Wear of the rails can cause it to widen slightly which causes an oscillation of the train car which can cause a derailment.

On June 12, 1912 a Western & Atlantic excursion train running from Calhoun, Georgia to Chattanooga, Tennessee was wrecked near Dalton, Georgia by a derailment due to rail widening. 3 people were killed and more than 30 injured.

Derailed train in Dalton, Georgia – June 12, 1912

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