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“Flag Day” Celebrated In California

Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14th when it was made the official flag of the young nation by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in1777. The US Army also celebrates the Army Birthday on this date as the Congress adopted “the American continental army” on June 14, 1775. Flag Day is not an official holiday but is celebrated in towns and cities across the US.

In the mid-1850’s James Alexander Forbes built a 2-story flour mill along Los Gatos Creek in northern California. A town rose around called Forbes Mill that was later changed to Los Gatos (The Cats) after a nearby Spanish land grant. In the late 19th century Los Gatos was a center for the logging industry in the Santa Cruz Mountains and in the early 20th century the town became a thriving agricultural town for apricots, grapes and prunes.

On June 14, 1912 the women of Los Gatos, California celebrated Flag Day by dressing as a “human flag” and parading on Main Street. About 100 women each wearing a colored bonnet made up the flag. The 1910 Southern Pacific tower can be seen as well as several horse and buggy rigs lined up behind the “flag” as well as an automobile.

Flag Day parade in Los Gatos, California
June 14, 1912

photo courtesy of pconaway@losgatosca.gov.



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