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Monument Unveiled Commemorating Indian Massacre In Georgia

The War of 1812 divided Native American between themselves, some loyal to the British, some siding with the US. After the war was over some Native American still fought against the US. In Georgia-Alabama-Florida the Upper Creek(Red Sticks) and the Seminoles were joining forces with escaping slaves. The Lower Creek (White Sticks) were called the Chehaw and along with Cherokee and Choctaw fought alongside General Andrew Jackson in what was called the Seminole Wars.

In 1818 a Captain Obed Smith led 230 men in an attack on the peaceful settlement of Chehaw. Although they had helped and fed Jackson’s army just the previous week, up to 50 mostly old men, women and children were killed despite holding out a white flag.
Many of the Chehaw burned to death in their houses. Jackson was enraged and promised justice but Smith escaped.

The Chehaw Massacre by the Albany Journal :http://thealbanyjournal.com/2012/04/vintage-albany-the-chehaw-massacre/

The Daughters of the American Revolution is an organization made up of descendants of persons involved in the fight for US independence. The DAR’s motto is “God, Home and Country.”  Washington, DC women founded the first group in October 1890 and the National Society of DAR was incorporated by congressional charter in 1896. There are chapters all over the US.

On June 14, 1912 The Daughters of the American Revolution Council of Safety chapter in Americus, Georgia unveiled a monument on the site of the Chehaw massacre near Leesburg, Georgia.

Dedication of the monument honoring the victims of the Chehaw Massacre
June 14, 1912


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