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Letters For An Old Fashioned Dog

In December 1911 the magazine COUNTRY LIFE IN AMERICA ran an article titled “Who Is Breeding Old Fashioned Collies?” The article spoke of the difference between the modern sharp-nosed collie, a direct descendent of the Scotch shepherd dog, and the old fashioned broad-nosed breed. It generated many letters praising the intelligence and skill of the old fashioned breed.

On June 15, 1912 COUNTRY LIFE IN AMERICA ran these responses to the old fashioned collie article:

“He used to follow strangers into the house and sit near them and watch their every movement. He guarded the children, and would permit them to maul him about till they got too rough, when he would walk to another part of the room out of their reach. He was the most intelligent dog I ever saw, and had an affectionate nature very different from that of the sharp-nosed collie.”

“One day he was plowing, and after coming home he missed the dog. All the next day passed and the dog did not return. On the third day the farmer went in search of him, and in a field he found Shep guarding the coat which the farmer had hung on the fence when plowing, and had entirely forgotten. They had called the dog, who must have heard them, but he refused to leave his master’s coat. “It would have been of no use to send the hired man for the coat,” said the farmer, ” for the dog wouldn’t have let him touch it.”

Collie related articles from COUNTRY LIFE IN AMERICA :http://gsbisco.mysite.syr.edu/clife/cla.htm

The old fashioned collie


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