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A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

Cyclone Hits Ohio

In 1795 white settlers began moving into central Ohio into an area called Pleasant Valley. A town was laid out in June 1818 called Westminster. In 1823 additional territory was incorporated and the town’s name was changed from Westminster to Pleasant Valley. In 1851 due to there already being another town in Ohio named Pleasant Valley the town changed its name to Plain City. After a trunk-line for the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad was laid through town the town of Plain City grew rapidly. By 1875 it had many stores and a number of schools and churches In 1902 a bank and a town clock were added.

On June 16, 1912 a tornado hit Plain City. Many building were damaged and two churches in nearby Dublin were also damaged.

Downed telephone/telegraph lines in Plain City
June 16, 1912

Structural damage after cyclone in Plain City, Ohio
June 16, 1912

A cyclone carried this calf 200 yards uninjured in Plain City, Ohio
June 16, 1912

Genealogy and Local History in Union County, Ohio : http://union.ohiogenealogy.info/pic/pcto3.html


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