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Horse Wins Race at 941 To 1

Latonia Race Course is a race track located about 10 miles south of Covington, Kentucky. It has hosted Thoroughbred racing since 1883 and is the home of the Latonia Derby, considered as important as the Kentucky Derby racing many of the same horses.

On June 17, 1912 a horse named “Wishing Ring” was running in the 6th race with terrible odds – 941 to1. Four people bought $2 tickets – 3 visitors from nearby Cincinnati and a local woman who liked the sound of the horses name. A total of $22 was wagered on the horse.

“Wishing Ring” won the race paying $1,885 for the $2 invested. This is the largest payoff ever in horse racing. The filly’s owner was probably the most chagrined person at the course for he neglected to have any sort of a wager on her.

Horse racing blog COLLIN’S GHOST on the race :http://colinsghost.org/2011/03/wishing-ring-wins-at-941-to-1-1912.html

Past performance line for the 941 to 1 Wishing Ring from the Daily Racing Form, 16 June 1912.


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