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Recorded June 19, 1912

Victor Records records collections of tunes from opera and folk music called “Gems.”


On June 19, 1912 the Victor Mixed Chorus had a busy day in the Victor Recording Studios in Camden, New Jersey:
Lucy Isabelle Marsh (vocalist: soprano vocal)
Christie MacDonald (vocalist: soprano vocal)
Olive Kline (vocalist: soprano vocal)
Harriette Keyes (vocalist: soprano vocal)
Marguerite Dunlap (vocalist: contralto)
Lambert Murphy (vocalist: tenor vocal)
Reinald Werrenrath (vocalist: baritone vocal)
William F Hooley (vocalist: bass vocal)

The chorus recorded selections from the operettas Robin Hood and The Mockingbird, various Italian folk tunes and these Songs of Scotland :

Songs of Scotland by the Victor Mixed Chorus

Victor recordings of June 19, 1912 :

Much thanks to the UCSB Encyclopedic Discography of Victor Recordings :

Victor Record Player logo – 1912


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