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Marshal Killed In Shooting In Wyoming

Last week in Cokeville, Wyoming banker Peter Olson found a note on his gate-post which demanded $1500. Failure to comply would result in the swift death of Olson and his entire family. The paper was signed “Hugh and Charley Whitney” of the Whitney gang, a known group of local outlaws. It specified that the money was to be deposited on Thursday night at a spot near the Bear river bridge and designated by a red lantern. Olson went to Cokeville town Marshal Daniel C Hansen. Hansen telegraphed Ouinta County Sheriff Ward then obtained a horse and started for the bridge. Nearing the spot about 10:00pm Hansen saw a man creeping on all fours in the darkness.

“Who are you?” demanded Hansen.

The reply was a gunshot. The bullet struck Hansen in the side. Hansen fired into the darkness at the figure. A second bullet hit Hansen’s horse, killing it instantly. Two hours later Hansen was discovered in the road by an automobile party. It was Sheriff Ward. The sheriff hastened to town and a carriage was immediately sent out and Hansen was brought to Cokeville. Hansen, still alive,  identified Bert Dalton as his assailant.

On June 21, 1912 Marshal Daniel C Hansen died at 3:41pm Friday afternoon. Bert Dalton confessed over the dead body of Hansen that it was the Whitney brothers who attacked Hansen. Dalton said he was holding the Whitney’s horses for them in the eastern part of the city. Dalton said he was to receive one-third of the money extorted from Olson. Hansen was 42 and survived by a wife and baby.

Lincoln County, Wyoming History and Genealogy page : http://genealogytrails.com/wyo/lincoln/news_crime.html

Cokeville Marshal Daniel C Hansen


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