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Pitcher Goes Straight Into The Major Leagues In Philadelphia

Eppa Rixey was born in Culpeper, Virginia in May 1891. He attended the University of Virginia where he played basketball and baseball as a pitcher. During the off-season umpire Cy Rigler worked as an assistant coach for the University. He urged Rixey to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies. Rixey declined saying he wanted to be a chemist but Rigler offered a substantial portion of the bonus he received for signing a player if he signed. Rixey’s family needed the money so he signed. When the National League heard of the deal they passed a rule that prohibits umpires from signing players. Neither Rixey nor Rigler received any signing bonus.

On June 21, 1912 Rixey started with the Philadelphia Phillies without ever playing in the minor leagues.

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Eppa Rixey – 1912


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2 thoughts on “Pitcher Goes Straight Into The Major Leagues In Philadelphia

  1. Cool, just read his wikipedia page and what an interesting story! Crazy that after skipping minors all together he managed to pitch 21 seasons and was the winningest left-hander for 26 years! I love how baseball has stories like these, just makes it such a classic game.

  2. I also like how he didn’t start out as a phenom and had to work at it. That’s what make baseball an American game – hard work and grit!

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