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Woman Wins Balloon Race In Great Britain

John Dunville was born in Holywood, County Down and was educated at Cambridge University. He became chairman of his father’s whiskey distillery Dunville & Company in Belfast, Ireland.He became interested in aeronautics. In his balloons “La Mascotte” and the “Banshee,” he twice won the Northcliffe Cup for the greatest distance travelled in a balloon. In 1908 he held the record for the longest time in the air and flew from Holyhead to Dublin in one hour and fifty minutes. He often flies with his wifeViolet and his 15 year old son Robert.

John Dunville in the “Banshee”

On June 22, 1912 Violet Dunville won the Hedges-Butler trophy in the Royal Aero Club’s long-distance balloon race. Mrs Dunville’s balloon the “Banshee” outdistanced all others which started in the race descending at Ebingthorpe, a distance of 120 miles from the starting-point.

John and Violet Dunville admiring the Rolls Trophy in 1909

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