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Woodrow Wilson Wins Democratic Presidential Nomination

The Democratic National Convention is trying to decide on a presidential candidate for 1912. It has come down to Speaker of the House James “Champ” Clark from Missouri and New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson.


Since William Jennings Bryan has come out for Wilson after New York’s delegates went for Clark, the demands for a more progressive candidate has brought more delegates to Wilson.

On July 2, 1912 the 43rd ballot Wilson gained 58 delegates from Illinois. On the 46th ballot Wilson finally gained enough votes to cinch the nomination. Wilson was officially announced as the Democratic presidential candidate at 3:35pm. Though quite a victory for the New Jersey governor, he has the formidable task of running against two presidents, current president William Howard Taft and ex president and third party candidate Theodore Roosevelt.

Democratic presidential candidate New Jersey governor Woodrow Wilson hours after winning the nomination at the Democratic National convention in Baltimore, Maryland
July 2, 1912

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