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Democrats Choose Vice Presidential Candidate In Maryland

Thomas Marshall was born in North Manchester, Indiana in 1854. In 1870 he attended Wabash College, in Crawfordsville, Indiana where he participated in literary and debating societies and founded a Democratic Club. He wrote for the college newspaper and was accused of libel and hired future president Benjamin Harrison as an attorney. The experience sparked Marshall’s interest in the law and was admitted to the Indiana bar in 1875. He eventually maintained a thriving law practice and became a member of the Indiana Democratic Central Committee in 1904. In 1906 Marshall declined to run for Congress but ran for governor in 1908. His progressive views such as the support of the prohibition of alcohol did not gain him his party’s support but the backing of labor unions and the press won him the election. He was the first Democratic governor in two decades. Marshall pursued a progressive agenda that included fighting capital punishment, eugenics and sterilization laws, supporting prohibition and the passage of a anti-child labor and anti-corruption legislation.

Last week Indiana’s delegates to the Democratic National convention in Baltimore, Maryland lobbied to have Marshall named the vice presidential candidate in exchange for supporting Wilson. Indiana was an important swing state and Marshall would help Wilson carry it in the general election.

On July 3, 1912 Thomas Marshall was named as the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate to run with Woodrow Wilson in 1912. In a statement Wilson said of Marshall, “I feel honored by having him as a running mate.” This is the first time this horse racing term has been used in politics.

Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Indiana governor Thomas Marshall


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