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A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

Ottoman Empire Opens Air Academy

In 1911 Italy went to war with the Ottoman Empire by seizing territory in Northern Africa around Tripoli. Italy utilizes the latest technological weapons which included the first use of the airplane in war.

1st Airplane Used In War

1st Airplane Hit By Gunfire In War

1st Bomb Dropped From Airplane In War

The Ottoman government in Istanbul, Turkey realized they must adapt to changing times and sent officers to take flying lessons in France. In April 1912 the first Ottoman military flight took place.


The first airport in Turkey was built west of Istanbul. There were two hangars and two planes purchased from France were used for the first test flights.

On July 3 1912 an Air Academy was opened at the new Turkish airport and the Ottoman Army began training its first flying officers.

Turkish pilots in 1912

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