100 Years Ago Today

A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

Coal Mine Explosion Kill 81 In Great Britain

Coal mine fire can burn for years undetected with an unlimited supply of fuel to burn. The Cadeby Coal Mine is in South Yorkshire, Great Britain has had 35 spontaneous fires in the last 5 years. One fire from 2 years ago is still burning.

On July 9, 1912 an explosion occurred at the Cadeby mine in the morning that killed 35 of 37 workers. With little hope of survivors, rescue crews assembled including government inspectors, managing directors and mine officials. A slow progression of bodies were brought to the surface while anxious relatives waited.

At 11:00am another larger explosion took place that wiped out the rescue teams taking the lives of an additional 46 men. New rescue teams scrambles to remove a huge roof collapse and recover any bodies that could be found.

Families wait to hear word about their loved ones at the Cadeby Coal Mine – July 9, 1912


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