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Cosmetic Innovator Patents New Powder Box

Joseph Angiolini Pozzoni was an Englishman of Italian extraction who arrived in New York between 1840 and 1850. He worked as a hairdresser at a time when cosmetics were frowned upon and only used by women of “loose character”. In 1860 he started manufacturing face powder as a supplement to his hair dressing. After serving in the Civil War heconcentrated on cosmetic products ranging from powders, face creams, hair wash, tooth powder and extracts for handkerchiefs. He was always potryed in his Army uniform.

Pozzoni’s Medicate Facial Powder – 1874

Pozzoni died in 1885 but under his wife’s guidance to company went on and grew. Pozzoni’s was one of the first companies to use the whole range of media available at the time including magazines, postcards, calendars, paper dolls and celebrity endorsements. Ziegfeld girl Anna Held was used in advertisements. Pozzoni Company was also innovative in packaging introducing the first “vanity case” in 1894 with the Gold Puff Box demonstrating that the container could help sell the product more readily than the contents. It was a huge success.

Pozzoni’s Gold Puff Box – 1895

On July 9, 1912 Pozzoni’s patented a new design of facial powder box. It was was sold with a wooden container of face powder, a small cardboard rouge box and a chamois cloth.

Excellent article on the history of Pozzoni’s by Collecting Vintage Compacts blogsite : http://collectingvintagecompacts.blogspot.com/2011/03/pozzoni-whole-kit-and-kaboodle.html

Pozzoni’s Powder Box – patented July 9, 1912


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