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GMC Offers Trucks In Gas And Electric

As electric-based technology improved in the mid-19th century, different inventors applied it to moving vehicles. The rechargable battery was invented in the 1840’s and an electric-powered two-wheel cycle was put on display at the 1867 World Exposition in Paris. The first conventional electric car appeared in the 1890’s. Electric vehicles had a number of advantages over their early-1900s competitors. They did not have the vibration, smell, and noise associated with gasoline cars. Electric vehicles did not require gear changes. Steam-powered cars required long start-up times of up to 45 minutes on cold mornings. Electric cars did not require a manual effort to start as did gasoline cars which featured a hand crank to start the engine. Electric cars were often marketed as suitable vehicles for women drivers due to this ease of operation. Many early speed records were broken by electric cars. Some companies offer an exchangeable battery program.

In 1912 more electric cars are being made than ever beforeGMC or General Motors Company is an outstanding manufacturer of trucks in the US.


On July 10, 1912 an advertisement in THE HORSELESS AGE magazine by GMC offers its trucks in both gasoline and electric models. Notice the chain-driven gears on the rear wheel as well as the thick, solid rubber tires.

GMC advertisement in THE HORSELESS AGE
July 10, 1912


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