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Horse Fountain Dedicated In Kentucky

While automobiles are a relatively new (and expensive) way to travel, most short distance transportation is still done by horse. Horses require no gas but they do need to drink water especially if they’re carrying heavy loads. As water and sewage systems improved in the mid-19th century the need for public fountains for people and troughs for animals became evident. Pioneer organizations like The Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association founded 1859 in Great Britain actively built public drinking fountains for people and animal troughs for horses and dogs. The idea immediately caught on and watering troughs, supported by philanthropic and public funds, were built usually near hitching posts. Some were ornate and dedicated to their donors while others were near public houses to entice potential customers.

Horse fountain in use in Portland, Oregon – 1911

Horse fountains at the factory in Vinalhaven, Maine awaiting shipment.

Lotta’s Fountain dedicated by the actress Lotta Crabtree on Market Street, San Francisco, California

On July 12, 1912 the Sons of the American Revolution dedicated a horse fountain in Louisville, Kentucky.

Excellent article with many pictures of horse fountains from Derby – Connecticut’s smallest city :

The Filson Historical Society :http://blog.filsonhistorical.org/2010/06/29/images-celebrating-independence/tcjefferson-co21/

Louisville’s new horse fountain
July 12, 1912


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