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Ice House Destroyed By Fire In New Jersey

Landing, New Jersey is a town on Lake Hopatcong and a part of Roxbury Township in western Morris County. Landing became it’s own township in 1740 and in 1824 the Morris canal was built, the first American canal to climb hills. It ran 103 miles joining the Delaware River with the Hudson River by a mule-drawn barge trip that took about 5 days. In 1866 the Morris Canal ported over a million tons of freight. When the railroads came slower shipping times and winter freezing made canal transport less popular. In the 1880’s the Lake Hopatcong ice industry employed large numbers who cut ice blocks on the lake in the winter and stored them in a mammoth wooden insulated storage buildings to ship the ice out by rail to fill the iceboxes of Newark, Paterson and New York City areas before the days of electric refrigeration in warm weather. The Mountain Ice Company built a large Ice House in Landing. Other factories and resort businesses grew around the lake.

The Mountain Ice Company – Landing, New Jersey – 1895

On July 12, 1912 the Mountain Ice Company’s huge wooden storage hanger burned to the ground in a fire so large the flames lit up the sky all around the lake. The structure burned to the ground but the mountains of stored ice remained singed by the ashes of the fire.

The Landing, New Jersey History page :http://www.landingnewjersey.com/history.htm

The remains of the burned Ice House of the Mountain Ice Company at Lake Hopatcong in Landing, New Jersey
July 12, 1912


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