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Flash Flood Washes Away Town In Nevada

Mazuma, Nevada was founded in 1907 during the Seven Troughs Canyon gold rush. By the summer of 1908 it was the districts largest camp. It has a newspaper, a post office, a bank, a hotel, several stores, professional services offices, stage service to Lovelock and a fire department. But the town was built in a wash and the name Seven Troughs Canyon should have been a warning. In 1912 the Spring rains hadn’t come and the ground was hard and dry. When “gullywashers” occur it is because the ground is too dry to quickly absorb the water.

On July 18, 1912 a cloudburst sent torrential rains around Mazuma. At 5:00pm a 20 foot wall of water swept down Seven Trough Canyon right into the town of Mazuma at the mouth of the canyon. The town of 100 lost 9 people and half the town was wiped off the map.

The ruins of the Mazuma Hotel in the aftermath of a flash flood
July, 18, 1912


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