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Meteorite Falls In Arizona

Holbrook, Arizona was founded in 1881 or 1882 when the railroad was built and named to honor the first chief engineer of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad. Holbrook became the county seat of Navajo County in 1895 when Arizona was still a territory.

A meteor is a piece of rock or metal that travels through space. Many meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere but are burned up which produces a “falling star.” When it survives impact with earth, it becomes a meteorite. A meteorite can be the size of a pebble or as large as a car or bigger. They can leave thousands of fragments.

On 19 July 1912 in the early evening in Holbrook there was a loud blast followed by smaller explosions and a protracted rumble which lasted roughly 2 minutes. A smoky trail was let in the sky. A large meteorite entered the atmosphere and at least 14,000 stones fell in a 6 mile area. The heaviest concentration of fragments were recovered around the Aztec railway yard.

German collected specimen of the 1912 Holbrook meteorite


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