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Zapata Rebels Attack Train Near Mexico City


The Mexican Revolution continues to be a clash of opposing factions.


President Francisco Madero, son of a wealthy land-owner and lawyer, tries to unite the many conflicting forces tearing apart Mexico. Although he talk conciliation, the Federal Army led by Victorianno Huerta has defeated Chihuahua rebel Pascual Orozco, pursued Morelos leader and rebel Emiliano Zapata and jailed Pancho Villa in Mexico City on charges of persistent insubordination and refusal to return stolen horses. Huerta has chased Orozco from Chihuahua to Juarez. When Huerta enters Chihuahua, Madero who hates Huerta’s military actions feels compelled to promote him to major-general.

Zapata is still in the mountains fighting a hit-and-run war with Federal troops and pursuing his ideals for the Revolution. In April 1912 he and his brother returned land to peasants that had been taken from them. Seeing Heurta distracted, Zapata choose this time to strike. He sends one of his generals, Genovevo de la O to attack within the Federal District near Mexico City while Zapata pushes his troops northward from Guerrero into southwest Morelos threatening Jojutla and Yautepec.

On July 20, 1912 Genovevo de la O attacks a train at the Parres station between Mexico City and Cuernavaca, killing 60 people and wounding 100, many of them civilians. This action strikes fear in the capital.

Zapatista general Genovevo de la O


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