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Young Woman Ascends The In Luxembourg

William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg reigned as the sovereign Grand Duke of Luxembourg from November 1905 when succeeded his father, Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. At the death of his uncle the only other legitimate male was William’s cousin, Georg Nikolaus, Count of Merenberg, the product of a morganatic marriage (a marriage where one parent is not of noble birth and therefore no titles can be passed onto any offspring.) William declared his family non-dynastic, i.e. does not have to pass from father to son, and named his own eldest daughter Marie-Adélaïde as heir to the grand ducal throne.

In February 1912 William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg died making the 17 year-old Marie-Adélaïde the first reigning Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. Her mother served as regent until Marie-Adélaïde’s 18th birthday. She was also the first sovereign of Luxembourg to have actually been born within the country since 1296.

On July 25, 1912 having turned 18 six weeks ago, Marie-Adelaide, Duchess of Luxembourg ascended the throne. She is a devout Catholic with strong religious convictions and conservative political views. On her first day she ascended the throne she refused to sign a new law reducing the role of Catholic priests within the education system.

Grand Duchess of Luxembourg


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