100 Years Ago Today

A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

Postmarked July 27, 1912

Mrs. Mary E. Cantrell
RFD No. 3
Ainsworth, Nebraska

Dear Mamma,
Mrs. Groesbeck says you can have the test for $5 — I told her that you bot (sic) one she wanted me to ask you as she forgot about it. Have had lots of rain lately. Put up some peaches. There’s green tomatoes in the vines. The Fire Brow(?) is over was awful noisy. No News.


Crystal Theatre
Norfolk’s High Class Photo Play Theatre

Florence Turner was already a performing artist when she joined pioneer motion picture maker Vitagraph Studios in 1907. There were no film credits and a popular performer was referred to by the film company they represented. Turner became “The Vitagraph Girl” and the most popular film actress in America. Still, she made only $22 a week and did part-time seamstress work for the studio. In 1910 film credits were introduced. Soon after the first movie fan magazines appeared and Florence Turner along with Florence Lawrence, “The Biograph Girl”, became America’s first movie stars.

Are you alone? Ruth don’t like N. Platte. Mrs. Serviss just came from (??).
Florence E Turner
Vitagraph Players


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