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Assassination Attempt On Albanian Rebel Leader

When the constitutional reformists known as the Young Turks came into power in the Ottoman Empire, they put pressure on Ottoman Europe’s provinces by increasing taxes, forcing conscription in the Ottoman army and the disarming of  civilian populations. After a suppressed uprising in Albania in June 1910, the Sultan visited Pristina and in June 1911 declared an amnesty. Anumber of concessions were suggested including establishment of Albanian schools, military service to be restricted to Albania, suspension of all conscription and taxes for 2 years and appointment of government officials who speak the Albanian language. By the end of 1911 Albanian members of Ottoman parliament requested additional rights for Albanians in cultural and administrative spheres. The next election in the Ottoman parliament was rigged and hardly any Albanian opposition members were seated in the new Chamber in Constantinople. Open rebellion against Ottoman authority began in Albania.

The Ottoman Empire was wracked with crisis as the war with Italy continued.  The Italians bombed the Dardenelles and occupied the islands of Rhodes in May 1912. The military was in an uproar and many were supporting the Albanian insurgency as a sign of their displeasure of the current government. On July 22 the grand vizier resigned and his replacement named an entirely new Cabinet. The Albanian deputies and a military society called “Saviors of their Country” demanded the entire Chamber be dissolved.

On July 29, 1912 an assassination attempt on Albanian deputy and rebel leader Hassam Bey failed in Albania. This will only strengthen the resolve of Albanian rebel forces, further encourage opposition in the military and weaken Ottoman control over the region.

Ottoman Albania – 1912

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