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A History Of Events And Happenings From Exactly One Hundred Years Ago

First Eagle Scout Award

The Boy Scouts of America was started in 1910. The BSA’s highest award was originally the Wolf Scout. In August 1911 it was changed to Eagle Scout. Eagle Scout was not ranks, but part of the merit badge system that recognized Scouts who had earned a specified number of merit badges. Eagle Scout was awarded to any First Class Scout who had earned 21 merit badges.

On August 1, 1912 the first Eagle Scout board of review was held. Arthur Rose Eldred had completed the 21 merit badges required for Eagle Scout in April 1912. At the time only 141 merit badges had ever been earned by about only 50 US Scouts. A National Review Board consisting of Chief Scout Executive James E West, Chief Scout Ernest Thompson Seton, National Scout Commissioner Daniel Carter Beard and Wilbert E Longfellow who had written articles on life-saving and swimming in the Handbook for Boys. They will determine if Eldred has earned Eagle Scout and inform him when they reach a decision.

Scout Arthur Rose Eldred

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