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Chinese-American Aviation Pioneer Dies

Fung Joe Guey was born in Kwangtung province, China in 1883. He arrived in the US in San Francisco at age 12. He showed an aptitude for mechanics and began working on aeroplanes a few years after the Wright Brothers first flew. In 1908 Fung constructed his first airplane and manufactured his own motor. In September 1909 Fung was the first Chinese man to fly in America. Fung returned to China with 6 other Chinese-Americans in March 1911 upon the request of a Chinese revolutionary who wanted to use Fung’s planes to aid the rebellion against the Qing dynasty. In China he is known as Feng Ru.

On August 26, 1912, Fung was killed when his plane crashed during an aerial exhibition, in front of 1,000 spectators. He was buried in China as “the Father of Chinese Aviation.”

Fung Joe Guey
“Feng Ru”


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