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Nurses Mysterious Death Ruled A Suicide

Miss Dorcas “Doc” Snodgrass was a young nurse living in Mount Vernon, New York. In July 1912 she said said she was going shopping in New York City when last seen boarding a train. She was never seen alive again. Snodgrass lived with her sister and brother-in-law and she had recently been engaged. Her sister insisted she was not the kind of girl to run away but also claimed she had a terrible headache that day she left and was “temporarily deranged. ” Her brother posted a $500 reward for information. On July 28 her body was recovered on the banks of a creek near Catskill, New York. She was still wearing her corset as well as her watch, and her engagement ring. Her hat and hatpins were found in the marshes nearby. It is speculated that she could not have fallen or jumped from a boat elsewhere and washed ashore there.

On August 2, 1912 Miss Snodgrass’s death was ruled a suicide. Her sister feels that she took the wrong train in her “deranged state” became upset enough to commit suicide, or maybe she only stumbled into the creek by accident. What is strange is that neither her sister, her sister’s husband or her fiance attended the funeral.

Miss Dorcas Snodgrass


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