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9 Boy Scouts Drown In Great Britain

In 1908 General Robert Baden-Powell rewrote his training manual for soldiers “Aids To Scouting for NCO’s and Men” to make it appeal to boys in a series of magazines articles titled “Scouting for Boys.” Scout Patrols formed around the country following the principles set out in Baden-Powell’s work. In 1910 Baden-Powell formed the The Boy Scout Association as a national body to organise and support the Scout Patrols. The organization encourages outdoor activities.On August 4, 1912 near Leysdown on the Isle of Sheppey, Great Britain 23 scouts and 5 adults were sailing to the island on an old naval cutter when a strong gust of wind capsized the boat. Although the Coast Guard station sent a launch almost immediately, 9 scouts between 11 and 14 were drown in the rough sea.

Coastguardsmen and civilians who rescued Boy Scouts
August 4, 1912


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