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2 Candidates Nominated For US President

The National Progressive Party, now being called the “Bull Moose Party” is holding its national convention in Chicago, Illinois.

On August 7, 1912 the Nation Progressive Party named Theodore Roosevelt it’s presidential candidate for 1912.
The Democratic Party held its national Convention in Baltimore back in June 1912. New Jersey governor Woodrow Wilson Wilson won the Democratic presidential nomination.

On August 7, 1912 Woodrow Wilson accepted the Democratic nomination for president at his home in Sea Girt, New Jersey before a 6,000 supporters.

Woodrow Wilson presidential nomination acceptance speech given at Sea Grit, New Jersey – August 7, 1912

Woodrow Wilson acceptance speech for Democratic presidential nomination – August 7, 1912

Woodrow Wilson House :http://www.woodrowwilsonhouse.org/index.asp?file=SoundFilms&section=OLink

Democratic US Senators and governors gather for the notification of nomination with New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson
Sea Girt, New Jersey
August 7, 1912.


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