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5 Killed In Train Derailment In Massachusetts

The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad has operated in the northeast United States since 1872 servicing Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Its primary connections included Boston and New York.

On August 8, 1912 the train was running near Dorchester, Massachusetts at about 35mph over a curve built on a marsh. It is thought the the track may have settled in the marshy ground. The locomotive, 3 passenger cars and baggage car jumped the rails, the locomotive half-buried in the marsh and 2 passenger cars hurled over it, ripping off their sides. The engineer and the fireman were buried in the marsh with the engine. 2 women were scalded to death by escaping steam and a spectator witnessing the accident collapsed and died at the scene. The wounded were taken to a Dorchester hospital.

New York New Haven and Hartford Railroad logo


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