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Chef Held On Animal Cruelty Charges In Pennsylvania

Lobsters are marine crustaceans of the family Nephropidae found throughout the world.

On August 8, 1912 chef John Haudocaur was arrested in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and taken before Police Magistrate Haggerty. The charge : Animal Cruelty for inserting wooden pegs in the first joint in back of the claw to prevent snapping. The complaint was lodged by the Women’s branch of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals after the lobsters were spotted displayed in the window of a hotel grill. 2 lawyers, an amateur fisherman from Maine, a member of the SPCA and the proprietor of the hotel all testified as to whether or not dumb animals have feelings. Haudocaur argued that the lobster is not even an animal. The arguments beffudled the Magistrate who decided to hold the defendant and let the court decide.

Lobster valentine – 1912

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