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Mine Explosion Kill 118 In Germany

Gerthe is a coal mining district that is part of the city of Bochum in the Ruhr area in Germany.

On August 8, 1912 650 miners were working on the 1/11 shaft of the Lorraine mine when a huge pocket of firedamp – oxygen mixed with methane gas ignited after a dynamite detonation. When this happens mixed with the coal dust a huge fire ball and shock wave is created and the results are catastrophic. The explosion was heard all over the town and rescue parties and families rushed to the pit. 118 miners were killed instantly with 25 injured. The Kaiser has donated 15,000 marks ($3,750) to aid the families of the victims.

Funeral march for 118 coal miners killed in an explosion
Gerthe, Germany
August 8, 1912


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