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The Town Military Band Gathers In Maine

In 1777 Alexander Shepard, Jr of Newton, Massachusetts was granted a parcel of land in Maine by the Massachusetts General Court as payment for his assistance in drawing a survey chart of the Maine coast. At first it was called Shepardsfield Plantation then early inhabitants called it Bog Brook Plantation. When the settlers came in the aftermath of the Revolutionary War the name was changed to Hebron. In 1829 Hebron’s southwestern half was set off and incorporated as the town of Oxford. The Western Maine Sanatorium designed to treat tuberculosis patients with rest, fresh air and a healthy diet opened at Hebron in 1904, the first of its kind in the state.

When engagements took place on a battlefield, military field music was used to control troops. This type of music includes bugles, bagpipes, or fifes and almost always drums. A military band became a style of band and not confined to military organizations. It denotes a wind ensemble comprising both woodwinds and brass together with percussion with an instrumental complement that was typical in military service bands. It is the inclusion of woodwind instruments that makes a military band different from a brass band. A military band is not necessarily a marching band.

On August 12, 1912 the Hebron Military Band gathered at the Oxford County Fair Grounds for a photograph. Their wives and daughters also posed for a picture.

Wives and daughters of the Hebron Military Band
Hebron, Maine
August 9, 1912

The Hebron Military Band
Hebron, Maine
August 9, 1912

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