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Young Football Champions In Ireland

Michael Cusack was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1847. He was a teacher at Blackrock College, in Dublin and set up his own “cramming school”, the Civil Service Academy, to prepare students for examinations into the British Civil Service. Pupils at the Academy were encouraged to get involved in all forms of physical exercise. Cusack met in Hayes’ Hotel, Thurles, County Tipperary with several other enthusiasts in November 1884 to establish the Gaelic Athletic Association for the Cultivation and Preservation of National Pastimes its name subsequently shortened to Gaelic Athletic Association. Organized by counties, its goal were to revive Irish games like hurling, camogie and football and forbade members of the GAA from playing “foreign and fantastic games” such as tennis, cricket, polo, and croquet. 1887 saw the first All-Ireland Championships being held with 13 GAA counties of the 32 counties of Ireland. By 1912 the GAA was extremely popular and Junior Leagues were organized. Charles J Kickham was a popular Irish author and it is said every county has a CJ Kickham’s GAA Football Club. This may be the Dublin CJ Kickham football club who had been Junior League Winners in 1911.

On August 11, 1912 the winners of the Junior League of the GAA football championship posed for this photo.

1911 winners of the GAA Junior league football championship


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