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President Taft Takes In A Baseball Game

National Park was the sports stadium in Washington DC where the Washington Senators, sometimes called the National played. It was at this park that president William Howard Taft became the first president to throw a ceremonial ball to start a game. The park was destroyed by a fire in March 1911. With less than a month to opening day of the 1911 season,Thomas C Noyes, president of the Senators, gained approval from the club’s board of directors to build a new ballpark with a steel grandstand on the same site. The grandstand was sufficiently stable enough to host President Taft and the Boston Red Sox on Opening Day 1911 as well as 16,000 fans. Construction was not completed until July 1911.

On August 13, 1912 president William Howard Taft attended a baseball game between the Washington Senators and the Chicago White Sox. This is the president’s third game he’s attended this season and even though he stayed all 9 innings, The Senators lost 5-3.

President William Howard Taft
baseball fan
August 13, 1912


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