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Cowboy Self Portrait In Washington

Lawrence Denny Lindsley was born in March 1878 at Lake Union, Washington near Seattle. He grew up as a woodsman and learned to hunt deer on the summit of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. He discovered photography and love to capture images of Nature. He worked in the Esther mines near the Snoqualmie Pass building cabins, drilling and hammering, and packing out ore by horse. Lindsley became a charter member of the Mountaineers in 1907 and went to work for the W P Romans Photographic Studio in Seattle. He owned part interest in the studio when it was bought by Asahel Curtis in 1910 which led him to work with Edward Curtis the famous photographer of the “Indians of North America” series. In about 1912, Lindsley moved to his parents’ ranch along 25 Mile Creek at Lake Chelan.

On August 20, 1912 Lawrence Lindsley took a self-portrait of himself, his horse Peanut and his dog Bobble. “On long trips I would pick him up and let him ride with me in the saddle.”

Lawrence Lindsley Photograph database : http://content.lib.washington.edu/llweb/index.html

photograph by Lawrence Lindsley
August 20, 1912


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